Zhe Huang’s groundbreaking Peugeot Hydrogen Concept

Zhe Huang’s groundbreaking Peugeot Hydrogen Concept

s concerns about climate change continue to grow, the era of electric vehicles is gaining momentum and expanding rapidly. However, while electric-driven vehicles are often hailed as a greener option, there is a better alternative that is still in its early stages: hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Right now, the cost of hydrogen-powered transmission systems is high, overshadowing benefits like broader autonomy and emissions that are nothing more than pure water or vapors. As technological advancements drive it forward, hydrogen fuel cells will be the way to go.

Inspired by the advantages of hydrogen fuel cell technology and keeping the future in mind, this Peugeot concept by Zhe Huang is the luxury coupe we could see rolling on the highways. The design is based on foldable paper creases (not origami), giving it a very sharp and bold personality, which matches what the automotive design community believes will be the norm in future projects.


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