The man tattooed his eyeballs, split his tongue and attached tusks to his teeth to become… a monster

The man tattooed his eyeballs, split his tongue and attached tusks to his teeth to become… a monster

Daily Mail reports, a 41-year-old man, claiming to be an Orc, has just spent 400 pounds (nearly 12 million dong) to attach two giant fake tusks to his lower teeth to perfect the appearance of the Orc species – The large, fierce and belligerent race in the Warcraft fantasy series, was turned into a movie of the same name by Hollywood in 2016.


The man transforms his own body into a fantasy monster. The man who identified himself as an Orc – the race in the game Warcraft.

While everyone finds it weird and scary, this person insists that what he does is only for the purpose of finding himself. “I am trying to be myself. This is my idea and inspiration comes from the heart. I don’t imitate anyone,” he said.

The tattooed orc hails from the small Brazilian border town of Iguatemi. He revealed that he got his first tattoo when he was 15 years old and got his first tattoo at 35. Since then, he has continued to cover his body with tattoos, which now cover about 80% of his body. In addition, he also had 8 piercings under his skin, double tongue surgery and tattooed eyeballs.

While the Orc prides himself on his unique appearance, he admits his family and friends don’t fully accept this difference: “I was born and raised by my parents in Campo Grande (Brazil). My mom doesn’t like my appearance, my dad is resigned, and my friends all find me weird.”

Even so, the attitudes of those close to them did not stop the Orcs from continuing their love of tattoos and body transformations. “Live, be happy, travel, love. Do whatever you want. Life passes quickly and death is inevitable,” he said.

Though family and friends didn’t fully accept it, the Orcs persisted with their ideas.

He shared more, receiving a lot of comments about his special appearance, most of which were positive. However, many netizens proved unable to adapt to Orcs turning themselves into monsters: “You can, doesn’t mean you should do it”, “Oh my god, if I met him on the internet a dark, deserted alley, I’d be scared”, “Does he have a problem with thinking?”…


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