Mesmerized by the beautiful scar cover tattoos like a work of art

Mesmerized by the beautiful scar cover tattoos like a work of art

If you haven’t experienced it yourself, perhaps not many people can understand the feeling when your body loses something or has to bear ugly scars caused by an accident or illness. To help cover up these imperfections, an Illinois tattooist named Eric Catalano devised a way to cover up those body parts with tattoos. And the results are truly surprising.

This man lost two knuckles, and Eric tattooed the missing two fingernails to look like the real thing. It is completely unrecognizable to outsiders, only the feeling that this hand is short and long is a bit odd.

Or like this woman with breast cancer, having to have her nipple removed. Eric tattooed her chest with a bunch of flowers to cover up a scar she didn’t like.

Not only Eric, there are also many good tattooists in the world who know how to create amazing tattoos to cover up clients’ body defects, or turn them into impressive works of art:

The long scar was transformed into a beam of light emitted by an alien flying saucer when it abducted a girl.

And this red keloid scar was transformed into Darth Vader’s lightsaber in Star Wars.

Scar from a long stitch? Make it the bone of a fish!

This birthmark looks weird. Why not turn it into a cute ghost like this. Guaranteed never to collide.

From the ugly and unsightly scars on the leg, people have turned it into a beautiful and lovely flower field.

If you have a unique scar like this, turn it into an even more unique work of art.

If you don’t look closely, perhaps no one will notice this long scar.

No matter how personal your tattoo on the back of your neck is, it can’t be as personal as this zipper tattoo.

Same thing, but what you see as ugly is extremely cute in the eyes of others.

Only people with a really open mind can see how to turn ugly things into beautiful things like this, right?

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