I’m a lifter and haters say I look ‘too manly’ — I’m gonna kick their ‘a$$’

I’m a lifter and haters say I look ‘too manly’ — I’m gonna kick their ‘a$$’

Courteney Fisher, a digital content creator and strength and fat-loss coach, regularly posts her workouts and fitness challenges to social media. She recently posted a tongue-in-cheek video on the feedback she hears all too often.

Fisher, who posts on TikTok under the handle @justtcocoo, shared the clip on Sunday, and it’s since been viewed over 45,000 times. “Stop lifting,” the text over the screen reads as Fisher flaunts her toned body in an orange ʙικιɴι. “You’re looking too manly.”

“Me,” the blonde bombshell wrote, responding to the trolls as she smiled at the camera. In addition to modeling her figure, the lifter responded to her critics in the caption of her video.

“Good. Cause I’m about to kick your a$$!” the caption reads. Commenters were quick to ᴀssure the fitness guru she looked great.

“So beautiful,” one follower wrote. “How to be you, I want my body like that,” said another.

“So amazing,” another gushed. Fisher often posts about weightlifting, encouraging other women to try it and talking about the benefits of pilates.

Fisher isn’t the only weightlifter taking social media by storm. Last year, a New Jersey gym junkie went viral on TikTok after she shared a video of herself ᴅᴇᴀᴅlifting 425 pounds in front of a group of stunned men.

The clip shows the 25-year-old brunette lifting the weights to a huge round of applause from men looking nearby. Sherein Abdelhady told Jam Press that she believes the video went viral because “it’s just not as common to see a female lifting that much weight every day at a commercial gym.”


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