Bugatti Galibier 4-Door Supercar to Grace Roads in 2024: A New Era Calls

Bugatti Galibier 4-Door Supercar to Grace Roads in 2024: A New Era Calls

In 2009, the Bugatti Galibier supercar was introduced and was expected to be officially launched to the public, but unfortunately this had to be postponed to carry out the project of developing unique Bugatti Chiron models. It seemed that all had been forgotten, but recently, Automotive News reported that Bugatti decided to “re-export” the 4-door Galibier model in 2024.

Wolfgang Durheimer, Bugatti director, told Automotive News at Frankfurt 2017 that “Four-door supercars never go out of fashion”. At the same time, the Bugatti Chiron model is also on display in the exhibition and quickly attracts the attention of fans with its impressive acceleration in just 42 seconds.

Currently, Bugatti has not made a final choice of engine options including electric, internal combustion or hybrid. Durheimer added: “Everything will be decided on the basis of the capabilities of each, because those are the basic things that customers expect from us.”

Besides, the idea of gasifying the Chiron’s engine was also rejected due to the challenge of weight and size, although the company is still able to reach the threshold of capacity up to 1,500 horsepower with just its traditional engine.

Million dollar supercar Bugatti Galibier will appear soon
Wolfgang Durheimer believes that the Galibier will become the only model of the company when announcing: “I can see that it will become the only product series”. Accordingly, the Bugatti Chiron may only exist for about 8 more years and will be completely replaced in 2024-2025.
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