A Posh Porsche From The Near Future!

A Posh Porsche From The Near Future!

I’m waiting for 2020 to get here fast, because from the looks of it, we’re going to have some great looking cars around! The Porsche 911E concept for the year 2020 is quite a beauty to look at. Everything about it echoes grace and power at the same time. The concealed wheel design is a reminiscent of the Rolls Royce Vision 100 concept we saw last year, and honestly, I prefer this look to the future where we have hub-less wheels.

The butterfly doors are a wonderful addition to the automobile’s design, but I can’t seem to get my eyes off the retractable spoiler at the back, which disguises itself as an opening to the boot. Upon hitting high speeds, the flap automatically raises upwards, making the Porsche 911E look like quite the speed devil!


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