Due to #Messi’s contribution, Inter Miami now holds a special privilege in the prestigious tournament

Due to #Messi’s contribution, Inter Miami now holds a special privilege in the prestigious tournament

On August 16th, Inter Miami excelled in securing a spot in the Leagues Cup final after defeating the strong opponent Philadelphia with a convincing score of 4-1. It’s noteworthy that this will mark the first time in the club’s history that they have advanced to the ultimate match of an official tournament.

The lead role undoubtedly belongs to Messi. Since M10 joined, Inter Miami has won all 6 matches played. Among these, the 36-year-old superstar has contributed 9 goals and 1 assist, including 2 free-kick goals that turned the tide of the match against Cruz Azul and Dallas.

In these 6 matches, Inter Miami has scored over 3 goals in 5 of them. It can be said that Messi’s presence has not only improved the team’s performance but has also enhanced the quality of their play. However, the impact doesn’t stop at just the performance; the standing of the Florida-based club is visibly rising, thanks to M10.

As a result, Inter Miami is currently the most sought-after club not only in the MLS but throughout the entire Americas. Specifically, journalist Hugo Balassone from TyC Sports has revealed that Inter Miami is preparing to receive a special invitation to participate in one of the most prestigious tournaments on the planet.

That tournament is the Copa Libertadores, considered as the South American equivalent of the UEFA Champions League. Accordingly, Inter Miami will have the opportunity to compete in this arena in the upcoming season through an invitation extended by Claudio Tapia, the President of the Argentine Football Association, and in compliance with CONMEBOL’s (South American Football Confederation) request.

Notably, the Copa Libertadores belongs to South American football and has historically only extended invitations to Mexican teams. The willingness of the tournament organizers to invite a North American team from the lower-ranked MLS, such as Inter Miami, reflects the exceptional favor they hold for the club.

Of course, this special treatment can be attributed to Messi. It goes beyond his personal relationship with the President of the Argentine Football Association; it’s about the potential benefits he can bring to the Copa Libertadores.

With Messi’s presence alone, ticket sales for the matches would immediately skyrocket, television broadcasting rights and advertising revenues would significantly increase. Therefore, CONMEBOL has every reason to eagerly invite Inter Miami, led by Messi, to participate in the Copa Libertadores.


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